Utility Tools

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Huskie Tools

Hydraulic cutting and compression tools manufactured specifically for the utility industry. Light-weight, fast, and ergonomically designed battery-operated tools.

Jameson Tools

Professional-grade tools for cable pulling, locating, wiring, tree trimming and lighting. Jameson is also a manufacturer of fiberglass poles for telecommunications equipment and fiberglass conduit rodders,

TiiGER Equipment 

Ultra-lightweight utility pole pullers. TiiGER also offer a wide range of material handling equipment for safe and efficient handling of poles, pole mounted transformers, pad mounted transformers, and wire reels.

Buckingham Manufacturing: Lineman’s Tools

Lineman’s Knives and Tools: Skinning Knives, Thread Restorers, Staple Stick/Pullers, Tool Lanyards, Transformer Sling Magnets, Guywire Dispensers, Ground Rod Drivers, Manhole Curves

Stanley Hydraulic Tools

Electric utility tools ideal for utility bucket or digger-derrick trucks equipped with hydraulic tool circuits or compact power units meeting HTMA standards